Friday, December 3, 2010

Viva La Revolucion Exhibit

This was by far my favorite place to visit. I have always been a fan of Sheppard’s works and Banksy. I have always enjoyed the grungy graffiti urban look. I also did a presentation of their work in another class so it gave me a great opportunity to explore their work in detail and understand the function behind their art. Sheppard has become an icon among popular art within urban society and is best known for his “Andre Has A Posse”, “Obey”, and graphic stencil Barrack Obama artworks. The Banksy part of the Museum was on a strict no photography rule, his work is highly valuable and the works on display were on loan so they did not want to risk of replication.
I really enjoyed his large portrait work on Keith Haring who was another influential graphic artist who did most his work in urban areas such as subways. Also the other portrait next to it was of Jean-Michel Basquiat who was an extremely influential African American artist who studied under Andy Warhol. Both of these artists died at a young age and influenced Sheppard himself too. Jean-Michel had also dated Madonna for a shot time in his rise in popularity.
Sheppard’s work is stunning and creative. Stencil art, with paper collage elements capturing influential figures in society, mainly to the suburban type family really spoke to the people. It addressed, hope, poverty, and it made the people feel like they had a voice to speak up about issues.

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