Friday, December 3, 2010

Mitch Dobrowner: The Ordover Gallery

Something about Mitch Dobrowner’s black and white photographs caught my attention. The high contrast between the clouds of the storms themselves and the black sky make them extremely powerful images. To see natures natural power caught in a still image can make it seem even more menacing. The unique formations and manipulation of the clouds themselves make for a sculpture like display. I could only imagine witnessing these natural occurrences. I believe that these images would not have the same impact and drama within them if they were not black and white. I believe it’s the absence of color that makes our eye wonder throughout the gradients of grey in these images. Forcing us to examine every inch of the photo.
My favorite photo would have to be the Road. A bolt of lightning was caught striking through a cloud, the lightning bolt piercing the cloud below it to reach the ground. This series made me think of the movie Twister and how crazy storm chasers have to really be. But this series of images makes me have respect for the people who put their lives on the line to capture a force of nature in such a beautiful way.
The image Mothership is another amazing photograph; I have to compare it to another movie called Independence Day. It reminded me of when the alien ships were coming to earth flying through the clouds. I really enjoyed these images.

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