Friday, December 3, 2010

Art of Photography

To me, the most powerful images are the portraits. They have a gritty raw emotional feeling to them. I would like to know what most of these people are thinking in the moment the photo was taken. They seem to be in a stylized, awkward mood. The “Girl with White Collar at Table” seems so depressed and the elements within the photo support this. It is very dark; she sits at a dark wooden table, in a black dress, hands on the table in an uneasy fashion, hair messy, and very pale-white skin. Depressing yet interesting.
I noticed that there are almost no portraits where the subject is smiling. Maybe a smile is overrated. I think these images are more effective for they show us what we look like in the non-ideal picture state. One portrait is of a woman with her eyes closed with the sun in her eyes. Another, of a little boy with red paint all over his face and body looking at the camera as if he had just been caught “red handed” by his parents. It is humorous but has this tone of seriousness because you don’t know if he is trouble or just having fun.
All the images featured have this unique unnatural imagery we are not use to seeing and I find that very enjoyable and interesting to observe.

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