Friday, December 3, 2010

MOPA Imagine Being Here Now Lucy Lippard, Critic, Activist, and Author.

I attended the MOPA event about Lucy Lippard in Balboa Park. It was about an hour-long presentation where she presented some of her life’s work within her local culture where she lived. She strongly promotes community interaction and activism. She writes a local small newspaper about events within the community. She is obsessed with preserving the ancient history of the area, ruins, special lands, etc. She showed some amazing images of abandoned buildings and thoroughly talked about Photographic education.
To be completely honest, I couldn’t really connect to most of her presentation. Most of it didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t reference her jokes and most the talk about the Society for Photographic Education West.
The most humorous part of the presentation was when her laptop wouldn’t change pictures. She furiously tapped the computer keys forcing it to jump forward multiple pictures. The computer would slowly react. After about a ten-minute delay she said she was only pressing the button one time, I clearly heard her press it many, many times and thought it to be pretty funny.
I wish I could say that I came out of that presentation with something to say but I really can’t. I thought it to be a very engaging and professional talk about her local work and bookwork and nothing much more.

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