Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Documentary Proposal - Radio and V/O

Lance McCormick
Photo Documentary Project Proposal

The concept of my proposal will consist of the daily work that a radio voice over engineer performs. It will focus on a specific individual and will document his job activities while informing the viewer of how things work and why they are important to the radio industry. I will also include the significance of radio and the impact it has had on culture worldwide. The documentary will take place at the Clear Channel Radio headquarters within the private studios available to the workers.

(not my photo)

I plan to include audio clips of voice over work and possibly interviews with veterans of the industry working at clear channel radio. The person featured in my presentation will be performing the voice over throughout my project. You will hear his voice as my photo slideshow is being presented, this will give an example of his style of work and possibly voices of other professionals as well.

(not my photos)

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