Monday, September 13, 2010

Annie Leibovitz

What can you say about Annie Leibovitz? She has had the career that photographers dream of. To have experienced so much and to be apart of the iconic history that defines us. Photographer to the legends of american culture itself. Her photos are simply amazing as much as they are iconic. Something about her style draws my attention. The way she quietly becomes apart of her subject's daily environment, unnoticed and forgotten. This is the beauty that allows her to get intimate shots.

I recall her explaining that when she was a child she was constantly traveling, seeing the world through a pre-made frame (the car window). This made me think about other "pre-made frames" we look through each and every day. Our computer monitor, cell phone screen, house windows, television screen, sunglasses, all constructed with an unnoticeable frame to the person not paying attention. I understand now how and why Annie became who she is today. An undying love for a moment in time when everything stops so much meaning can be extracted.

I cant help to google her images, looking at the quality, clarity, and uniqueness of each one. So many famous people documented over the years. So much of American culture documented. She has a special eye for culture.

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