Monday, August 30, 2010

Natalie Fobes

The main attribute that stands out to me from watching the short videos of Natalie Fobes is that she is extremely emotionally attached to her work. You can tell it fuels her passion in both a positive and negative way because she has to witness certain things, beautiful and bad. I never knew a fish could provoke such an emotional response but as Natalie described it, time seemed to stop once she saw the salmon jump out of the water. The struggle for life or death and the impact along with the necessity that salmon are to the culture that depends on them.

I enjoyed how she can keep her personal feelings from affecting her professional work. She mentioned a journal that she kept, on one side professional notes about the days work, on the other side her personal journal about how she felt inside. The oil spill she documented obviously disturbed her a great deal when she saw how the animals of the area were suffering. She knew she had to relay the message back to national geographic to get coverage on this event. The main thing I like about this artist is that she is constantly motivated and consumes all aspects of the culture that is around her.


  1. I like how your post is more than just a summary of what we did, but an intelligent reaction to it. Your post is thoughtful, informational, and tells us about you, and I think that more students should have posts like yours.